Perpetual today

Not sure if this can be already be done (I haven’t found how), or if it even makes much sense for general use, but I was thinking of being able to mark a note as always being “Today”.

Usage example: a note where you have the tasks for today. If you don’t finish some of them, they’d be pushed to tomorrow, of course, so instead of tomorrow having to create a new note and manually move the tasks over, the original note would simply change dates automatically.

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A lot of us have such a note. I call mine “Daily Tasks”. It is a continually updated task list.

I don’t have a date for it, but I have it to be “On the Agenda”. I can always find it in my “On the Agenda” section.

If that doesn’t appeal to you, why not just add a “#daily-note” tag, and create a saved search for that. That way you have an overview that shows any of these permanently visible daily notes.

That’s what I’m currently doing, using “On the Agenda”, but I was thinking that it’d also be nice to have a single place for what’s happening today — easier to manage and harder to forget about things.

I suppose a saved search with Today + custom tag might accomplish the same, but I’m not sure if an “auto updating today” filter exists.

If you search with a date for today’s date, and then go to save the search, it should ask if you want the date to be a fixed date or relative date. If you have searched for the tag you wanted, then the combined search should do what you want. Just use the relative date, and the date will always be today.

I suppose a saved search with Today + custom tag might accomplish the same, but I’m not sure if an “auto updating today” filter exists.

Hmm, I tried this, but since search is additive (not sure how to call it :grinning:), it returns notes with that #tag and on that date :frowning:

As a side note, “union” search would be really powerful, to be able to search for #tag1 or #tag2 or on date x. As far as I’ve searched through the forums, it appears that you have this on your minds already so… I’ll wait.

Thanks for your quick replies and suggestions!

Yes, improved search is certainly something we would like to have.

I would think that an “and” is what you want. Don’t you want to match certain tagged notes with a date today? Maybe I misunderstood.

I’d like to match all notes with a certain tag, as per your suggestion (no matter the date), and all notes that are today (no matter the tags in them). I see an “and” meaning what it’s doing now:

  • notes that [are today and contain #daily-tasks]; vs
  • notes that [are today or that contain #daily-tasks]; which is equivalent to
  • notes that [are today] and notes that [contain #daily-tasks] :sweat_smile:

Depends from what perspective you look at that and, hehe :innocent:

I see, so indeed, you are looking for an or. For now, you would have to make two different saved searches.

We certainly have improvements to search planned at some point. An “or” would almost certainly be included in that.

Awesome to hear, going to be a powerful addition :muscle:t2:

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