Perform an action on a note programatically

The new x-callback-urls for getting selected note are useful; thanks!

What I want to do is to take the selected note (by ID, which I now have) and do something to it. These are the things I’d like to do programatically; but I can’t see how:

  • Export the note (either save as Markdown, or share to another app)
  • Grab the contents of the note as Markdown (so I can the programatically create a note in another app)
  • Append something to the end of the note (e.g. a link to the DevonThink note I created for it)
  • Mark the note as done

Are these things possible, currently?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Tom,

In short, some are possible. In the longer term, we would like to offer more, but for now we are restricting to things that are not destructive or compromise security, until we can find a way to securely use the feature. (You could imagine a case where a URL is on a web site, and it requests your note content, and sends it to some server.)

Right now, you can mark a note done, and append to a note. You can’t export or get the contents, for the security reasons mentioned.

The complete list is here: X-callback-url Support and Reference

See append-to-note. You can add text, but also control other settings like on-the-agenda.

Kind regards,