Perfect shape support

I love the implementation of writing with Apple pencil in a note! I would love to see the ability to create perfect shapes similar to what you can do in the Notes app. Example here.

Thanks for the feedback!

We are a bit dependent on Apple for this. The feature is basically what Apple provide to developers. AFAIK they haven’t provided the shape drawing aspects yet, but perhaps the will in future. If they do, we will definitely try to put it in.

Interesting. The notes app supports it so I was just assuming they’d allow access to that feature system-wide but I guess not. Thanks for the update - hoping they’ll allow that soon!

Notability has this feature.

Yes, it is certainly possible to do this, and specialized handwriting apps like Notability do it, but it would be a big project for us, and our focus is less on handwriting and drawing. We are hoping Apple open up this option in future. Normally features start in Notes, and move out to other developers a few years after.