People: First and Last Name

If possible, when tagging notes with “people” I’d like to be able to have more than just a single word for their name. I work in Asia and many people have two words in their name: e.g. Yan Li, Teck Hong, etc. Currently I can only enter a single word for the name. This would also apply to people with the same first name. It would be good to be able to enter “Andy F.”, “Andy T.”, or even their full last name. So, general request is the ability to have multiple words for “people”.


Thanks for the feedback. Maybe we can find a way to do that at some point. They are really tags for now, which is why you can’t include spaces.

For now I recommend either removing spaces, or replacing with a hyphen or underscore. Eg. @Tom_Jones.

We will consider if we can add spaces in future.


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Thanks and appreciate the suggestion.

Needed. Please seriously consider.

One easy way to do this is to allow people to add a @ at the end of a multi-word people tag, ie. @John Butler@ and this would be detected as a multi word people tag.

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I have found that creating first and last name people tags quick and easy. I just type it thusly: @JohnDoe I guess I’m quite puzzled by the need for all these other tag styles.

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Hi Drew, I would really second this idea of a multi word tags and people. Gives people the option to do so if they want to. Thank you!

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Yep, definitely on the roadmap.

I am in on requesting work on the People tagging. To use Agenda with meeting agendas it would be great to at least have the ability for last names. Contacts app integration would be really good too.

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Indeed, I second this suggestion: integration with Contacts app (just as things were successfully integrated with Reminders and Calendar)… so People would really become a very ‘special’ tag indeed.

Absolutely. We would love to do this, and it has been on the list almost since day one. We will get there.