Pending reminders overview

Quick question, which I don’t see answered elsewhere (apologies if it has been): is there any easy way to see a list of all pending reminders within Agenda? I know I could toggle over to Reminders and do it that way, but is there an easy way to see this within Agenda? Seems like a simple thing, but. . .

There’s no such way yet I’m afraid, it’s also where we feel this is the point you just need to switch to the Reminders app, a bit like switching to the Calendar app when you want to see a month overview of all you’re events. Our goal hasn’t been to complete replicate the Reminders app, for some overviews and features it’s just better suited.

Having said that, we do want to provide a better overview of the notes that contain a todo or reminder, which would perhaps give you the information you’re looking for as well.