Pencil written note disappears

What I did: Added a pencil drawing to my Agenda note on iPad

What happened: The note disappeared

What I expected: The note to be saved

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Version 9.1.3 iOS 13.3.1 iPad Pro

Is this happening every time, or was that a one off issue? Did anything happen when the drawing disappeared? Eg. was the note perhaps open on another device at the same time?

It happens on my iPad - usually when the screen locks after a period of inactivity and when I active the screen again the Agenda note is still open but the”drawing” section with my hand-written notes is gone.
I also typically use the split screen functionality and Agenda is open next to the Otter app.

I do have Agenda installed on my MacBook and iPhone as well, but I don’t think those apps are active when I use the iPad - I’ll check.

If it happens again, can you send a screenshot with the drawing section missing, as you describe?