Pencil Update

Hey guys,

Its coming up to the end of my premium subscription, and before I think about resubscribing I just want an update on the functionality using the pencil. Does anyone know if we will be able to write handwritten notes yet?


Don’t forget that when you premium subscription ends, you will always keep all the premium features released to that date! You could always wait until a new feature that you find compelling is released before re-subscribing. That’s the beauty of the Agenda subscription model.

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Yeah, but if i know the feauture if coming up shortly, I would rather keep going with the subscription :slight_smile:

Yes, the next update that will ship alongside Apple’s iOS13 update will include Pencil support.


I know itˋs very hard work to add pencil support. But I hope the implementation will be more like Notability and not like Apple Notes where notes are placed in fixed areas (like images) and not almost free.

Anyways, we’ll see.

Thanks for the good work.

See this topic for what we plan to introduce over time, pencil support means a lot of different things to a different people, it therefore means it’s something that will grow over time, starting simple and gaining more functionality over time.