PDF Annotation with Apple Pencil

So excited to have Apple Pencil support in 8.0! It’s great to annotate imported images. Would it be possible to see PDF annotation in future releases of Agenda?


Definitely something we’d like to explore indeed, we need to think how this also fits with the system markup tool and editable attachments though. Stay tuned!


I don’t understand why image yes and pdf not

I’ll add my vote for PDF annotation, it would be much more useful to me than image annotation. It would also make Agenda a much more important part of my workflow, since many documents associated with dated events (meetings, etc) are PDFs.

If not, then at least implement “edit in place” capabilities so I can use other apps to annotate it instead of a copy, which I would then have to attach to the note while deleting the original.

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That’s simply of technical nature, first on iOS the system doesn’t treat PDFs as an image, on macOS it does and it makes things simpler. Second, PDFs can be multi-page, which too brings some additional complications over a single image. Lastly, if we bring annotation abilities to PDF you’d also like those to be compatible with the PDF specification, in that you could open those PDFs in preview and see them there as well as true PDF annotations. This is actually the most complicated part. It’s all doable, and we would like to do it, but needs some time and effort I’m afraid.


Likewise on your own wishlist, but also requirement a surprising amount of gotchas to deal with.


I figured implementing your own annotation engine would be a pretty significant undertaking, which is why I suggested the “edit in place” option. (But maybe that’s a problem too? I guess maybe it depends on where you are storing attached file…)

Indeed the edit in place is something we’d like to do as it would apply to any attachment. It’s quite complicated though to do it in a foolproof and safe way, so something that will take us some time to get right.

Please, insert this feature. In my workflow pdf markup with pencil is happening on almost any pdf. Congrats for the software. I’m still testing but I believe I’ll buy premium version, Regards