Pasting text pastes previous line instead of text in clipboard

Just to let you know. Pasting text from external application is messed up.

Yup. And with iPadOS and lists.

Are you both using the current beta @Michele_C_Soccio and @daveb08? Which build is this from (see about box)?

Unless the App Store is serving the beta, I don’t think I am using a beta version.

Hmm, odd. Does relaunching the app make it work properly? Does it matter what you copy and where you paste? If you copy something else, and paste halfway through the note, do you still see this issue?

Beta 9.1.3, iPadOS 13.3

I am also experiencing this bug. This is such standard functionality I am surprised it shipped without testing to be honest.

Are you using the beta version? Or version 9.1.2?

It does not happen with all pasting. You need specific conditions, namely, pasting into the first position on a line. We have a fix coming in the next release.