Pasting Text is Crashing Agenda

What I did: I copied text from another text editor.

What happened: As I pasted the text, or everytime I past the text is crashes Agenda

What I expected: I expected to past without any hassles.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

Version: 1.1
OS: 10.13.2
iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014)


We’re sorry to hear that, did you submit the crash reports to us when restarting the app? Can you paste the text you have on the clipboard either in the crash report comments box or in a reply to this message? From which app did the text came originally?

I submitted a crash report, by just explaining that when I’ve been pasting the text, it crashes.

The program I’m copying from is Apple’s notes.

I’d rather not show the text as it is business related.

I had that too yesterday. Copied a note from Bear and pasted. Crashed several times. Tried it again with only half the note (stopping, in fact, before something that was an H1 heading, and it was fine. Wonder whether pasting another app’s markdown might be the issue?

I’m seeing it also. Pasting from SnipNotes

Is there any pattern that you can see with what you are pasting? Eg. Is the selection an insertion point at the end of the text? Does the pasting involve markdown substitution?

The text I was trying to paste was thus: general text, an H1 header, and a little more text. Crashed three times. Then tried it with just the text before the H1 - no problem. Then copy/pasted the remaining text — including the H1 header — no problem.

For me it was a brand new note (therefore both beginning and end of the text :slight_smile: ) in a brand new category. No markdown involved.

Hi, I am seeing this too when pasting from Ulysses…

Also a REALLY odd behaviour whereby the pasted text kept getting additonal line breaks added, once it had been pasted in. Almost like numerous people were typing in the same message.

Thanks all for the additional details, this definitely should help us narrow down the problem. If you find any additional situations or reproducible steps to trigger the crash, let us know.

I aso experienced this one. I pasted from Bear app. I noticed that the notes I copied had break lines on it. When I didn’t copy the break lines, it worked just fine. I also sent a crash report for this.

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We believe to have fixed the crashes on paste today, the fixes should be in the next update due out very soon. Thanks all for your help!

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Wow that’s good news. Can’t wait for the updates.

Great! Can’t wait. Thank you.

A quick note that this should be fixed in version 1.3 and higher.