Pasting Links Doesn’t Always Work

What I did: Copy a link

What happened: When I paste it in Agenda, it pastes nothing

What I expected: To see the pasted link in my notes

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Using on my MBP/Mojave v10.14.6

Adding to this - If I copy the link and paste it in a text editor (Text Edit or Apple Notes) and then copy the link, it works fine. But its 50/50 on copying and pasting links in directly in Agenda.

Another addition - Copying and pasting underlined text (not hyperlinked) in MS Word is also not working. Paste does not do anything.

Can you try Edit > Paste and Match Style? This should convert to plain text.

Where are you copying the link from which is not working? Ie which app?