Pasted Markdown corrupts existing note

Came across the odds:

  • pasting a markdown outline from another app onto the content of a similar Agenda note (selecting all note text and then paste)…

  • … Result: text is corrupted by all headers turned into tags using some beginning of the next word (not even the full word)


  • erase content first then paste - no problem
  • use empty note - also fine

While I don’t think this is an intended feature - maybe hint at a deeper problem …
maybe you could take a look at it

In Agenda, a # with no space, and then some text, is a tag. Could it be that the text you were pasting was somehow interpreted like that?

(In agenda, a # with a space, at the start of a line, is a heading)

Thank you @drewmccormack for reminding (always good :slight_smile: ). Definitely is was interpreted like that. But why? And only onto a filled note?

Both the original note text as well as the pasted had both (for markdown with space and already tags w/o space). Tried all sorts of variations but reproducibly same result.

And yet the pasting works fine if applied to an empty note.

Can’t imagine how both actions they trigger a different algorithm …

Agree it is a bit odd that an empty note would behave differently. Perhaps it has something to do with what was already at the point where the text was pasted (?)