Pasted images always appear as previews

When I paste images, I almost always want them to appear as full-width 75%.

Before Agenda 14, if I changed the display of an image to full-width 75%, Agenda would remember this selection and the following pasted image would show up as full-width 75%.

Since Agenda 14, this is not the case anymore : most of the time, images appear as thumbnail + title. In some cases they show up full-width, but most of the time they don’t. This means I need to reset most images to full-width 75%, which is not great.

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Thanks for reporting, we’ll take a look.

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I’m new to Agenda and have been wondering if there is a way to set images to full-width as a default. I didn’t realize it worked before and not now. Would be great if this gets fixed or if there is an option to chose your default image size preference.

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Yes, in Agenda 14 it lost the ability to remember your last choice, we will fix this in the next update.