Paste clipboard to new note shortcut

Made this shortcut to use after copying something like I’ve found in an article. It asks which category then which project to add the new note to. Shortcuts

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Nice! Thank you for sharing.

I can’t open this link - the Shortcuts app opens with a blank screen and then closes itself after a few seconds. I’ve tried force quitting Shortcuts but still the same problem, any ideas?

OK, so after a shut down and restart of my iPad the link does work, now I’m renaming the projects to suit my own but it seems to work well :slightly_smiling_face:

Great Shortcut, thank you!

hi @canneys , can you show better how did you create the shortcut using this link? I tried but it doesn’t work.

Hi, could you rephrase your question?

I mean, which way did you create the shortcut using the link you posted? Can you post some screenshots? Thank you