"Paste as plain text” bug

What I did:

Copied a paragraph in an Agenda note that was styled with ’strikethrough’ and pasted into another Agenda note using “paste as plain text”. I tried with keyboard command and the menu - same problem both times…

What happened:

Strikethrough format was retained

What I expected:

Plain text, not strikethrough

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

    Version 16.1 (263) - Mac App Store

I just fixed the issue that was possibly causing this, what program was the text copied from?

Copied from Agenda to Agenda!

Ah, interesting, hasn’t thought about that scenario, will fix that too.

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A quick update to let you know that we believe to have fixed this issue in Agenda 17, again many thanks for your help finding out the cause!

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