“Past Due” items in today view

I would like the option to include items (NOT marked as done) that have dates in the past, in the Today view. Essentiually, I want the today view to show items that are on today’s calendar, as well as “past due” items, then I can remove those “past due” items by marking them as done


It sounds like you want more like a “Due” box, rather than “Today”. Note that you can already do this indirectly. Here is how:

  • Add a #due tag to any note you want to be due on a given date (eg #due(12/15/2018))
  • Search all projects for #due(today)
  • Save the search and call it “Due”. Make sure you opt to have the dates relative (ie change over time)

Now the Due box should contain any note that has a due date today or earlier.

We hope to make this more user friendly in time. Stay tuned!

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This is pretty cool, just got the premium version and I’m liking it. If you could add conditions to the saved searches, I think that would be even more useful. Such as “not checked marked #due"

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We have ideas about improving that sort of thing.

I’d really love a feature like Anthony mentioned that includes items due today and all past due items that haven’t been checked off. I paid for iOS and Mac Agenda, but gave up when I couldn’t find an easy way to keep track of all due and overdue items in one place.


Thanks. Yes, we have ideas for features that would allow this. Stay tuned!

What would also work well is if you had the ability to schedule when something could appear in the ‘on the agenda’ view. If I assign and item a date, then it would automatically appear on the agenda on that date

I think you could already do that with a saved search. Click on Search All, and then set today’s date in the date filter, and select the round on-the-agenda button. Now save the search, and make sure you opt for the relative dates, so that today moves in time with each new day.

Just want to add my +1 to this. Sounds like you already have a plan to address this, automatically showing past-due items in Today would be my favorite!