Password locks on notes and projects - limitations

The new password implementation to lock notes is great, but I’ve realised that it seems to depend on iCloud keychain for notes that have been created and locked on one device to be opened on another. I don’t use iCloud Keychain as I don’t like encrypted passwords sitting on a cloud system or for all keys be present on all devices. Any chance of adopting an approach like “Day One” which manages keep all keys local to devices only?

I think it will work without iCloud Keychain, but you will have to set the password separately on each device. You can do that in the settings of the app.

For most people, having to reenter the password on each device would be quite a hassle, so we decided for this approach, since our objective is more hiding content that adding rock solid encryption.

Thanks, however I can’t see how to do this. I have locked a single project on the macOS instance. I can see from KeyChain Access that the password is stored with a single group that can access it. However I cannot see how to create this password for the same project that is synchronised to an iOS instance.

I think you can open the Settings of the app, and go to the General tab. There should be a “Change Password…” button there.

On macOS, use Agenda > Settings. On iOS, open right panel, and tap button bottom-left to get to Settings.

Let me know if that works.

Thanks - that does work. I hadn’t realised its a global password setting that gets applied to each project you lock. However, the steps required are to first turn on “Lock Agenda When Not in Use” on the second device and then set the password to be the same as on the first device where you locked a project. After that you can unlock existing locked projects on the second device.

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I see. Perhaps we can clean that up in future. It is generally a corner case, because most people will have iCloud Keychain on.