Password field in iOS preferences shows username suggestions

When signing in to Agenda on iPad, when I switch over to “Already have an account” and put focus on the Enter Password field, the keyboard suggestions bar offers me “Suggested User Name” options instead of offering the iOS password integration.

Thanks for reporting, we’ll investigate.

Huh, I just tried again and now it’s showing me the password integration (for the email field too).

It looks like the actual reproduction steps are:

  1. Open preferences
  2. Put focus on the email (or password) field
  3. Tap “Already have an account”

Steps 2 is important. Without it, this actually behaves correctly and gives me the Password auto-fill for both the email and password fields. With step 2, the email and password fields have broken autosuggestion after tapping “Already have an account”.

Ok, that’s very helpful, thanks.

Yeah this just happened for me as well. Password field suggested emails.