Paletro is a powerful utility command palette for Agenda

A while back I bought a utility app called Paletro. I just started using it with Agenda and it seems really useful and powerful.

Paletro is an Alfred-like app that give you a command pallete that you control completely from the keyboard on your Mac. But instead of the functions that Alfred, Raycast, Launchbar and others perform, Paletro does just one thing: It makes every menu item in every menu of an app completely accessible from the keyboard without having to memorize keyboard shortcuts. It works with pretty much every app and you can disable it for apps as well.

Agenda has a dizzying amount of menus and keyboard shortcuts to try to remember. I was feeling overwhelmed trying to remember all of them when I remembered that I had this app. It’s really cool to just be able to type “Collapse All” or “Export” or “Text Color” etc and have the menus come up. In the case of “Text Color” it brings up the sub menu after choosing the Text Color and you can use the keyboard to navigate to the color. It even includes all of the menu items where Agenda can create a new note in a specific Category. Just start typing the name of the category and you can add a new note to it.

It’s a $7 utility with a free trial period if you want to give it a try.

Here’s the link (no affiliate link - I just thought others might like to know about it) :slight_smile:


Nice one, thanks for sharing!!

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Paletro is a great app. It’s worth mentioning that Paletro is also part of the Setapp service. If you already have Setapp, you can simply install Paletro via Setapp and start using it.