#p effect

What I did: I want to use to start a hashtag with pr… the system stops with the hashtag after p. When i Typ proALPHA, the hashtag i want to use, and add the hashtag after i typed the hole word agenda set the hashtag correct. I can reproduce the effect also with German „Umlaute“ like Prä

What happened: i typed (hashtag)proALPHA and agenda stopped with marking after (hashtag)p, also when i type (hashtag)ü

What I expected: Agenda stopping to mark the tag after a blank.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

Is this on iOS and/or macOS? Could you perhaps make a screenrecording to show how we can reproduce this behaviour?

here is a screenshot with the Umlaute-effect. While I’m typing the system stops with marking the tag after the umlauf. The effect ist in iPadOSiOS… Need to test at home for macOS.
It‘s funny . I cannot rebuild the effect with pr…

I was about to say, the umlaut is a know issue we plan to address in the next update, but the proAlpha tag should work just fine. Let me know if you figure out how to reproduce that latter issue.

Tiny comment: Similarly in Swedish, but here is another twist that just might help in debugging: It breaks after any non-English letter (that I tried, just a few), even inside a word. For instance, if I try to write a hashtag with the Swedish word stål, I get a hashtag stå followed by a letter l. The funny thing is that the non-English letter will be a part of the tag, but it also terminates the tag. Didn’t expect that :crazy_face:.

But since you wrote that the Umlaut problem is a known issue, probably you knew this, too. Sorry for intruding if that was the case.

Indeed it’s with any non-asci character, which slipped through because on macOS this should now actually work in Agenda 13 (please let me know if that’s not the case). I fixed it assuming it would then also work on iOS and iPadOS but apparently there’s more going on there, we’ll have a look.