Overviews should show Timeline view

I don’t really need a Timeline viewer, I just want to see my notes arranged in chronological order. When I click on ‘On the Agenda’, I get notes sorted according to Projects, which makes it diffcult for me to pick out the most recent ones. Is a chronological view of notes so diffcult to implement?

Notes in projects are chronologically ordered. And the notes within each project in On the Agenda are also chronologically ordered.

You want an “ungrouped” ordering in On the Agenda. That is something we would like to have too, but it is indeed not trivial to implement. It requires quite large changes in the app. We want to address it with some planned changes to search.

Thanks for the feedback!

Another +1 on more sorting option for on the agenda. Having a hard time finding stuff especially on busy periods and have been using search all instead