Overview of tasks grouped by person badges

I am using the Agenda app with premium features for about 4 months now, and I like it. There is one function though, that I am missing very much - or maybe I just didn’t find it yet :slight_smile:
E.g. I am taking notes at a meeting that look like this:

  • Task1 person tag: person1, person2
  • Task2 person tag: person2
  • Task3 person tag: person1
  • TaskA person tag: person2
  • TaskB person tag: person1
    Now, I would like to print an overview of all the things that somebody has to do and mail that as a to-do list that looks somehow like this:

(Meeting1 on YYYY/MM/DD):
(Meeting2 on YYYY/MM/DD):

(Meeting1 on YYYY/MM/DD):
(Meeting2 on YYYY/MM/DD):
Looking forward that you could implement that one day…
Thanks in advance, and best regards!

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I think this would be solved by the ability to have “summarized results” in searches. Namely, you search for something, and only the matching paragraphs appear in the results. You could even save the search to reuse it.

We would like to add this functionality down the track. Thanks for the feedback!

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