Oversized text in contextual menu and keyboard auto suggestions

What I did:
Using the app on iOS

What happened:
Oversized text in the keyboard auto suggest words
Oversized text in the contextual menu

Changing text size in iOS or Agenda settings has no effect on these text sizes

What I expected:
Keyboard auto suggest and contextual menu to use iOS text size settings

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

Agenda v19.0
iOS 17.5.1
iPhone 13

Screenshots of iOS settings and examples of text size on keyboard auto suggest and contextual menu in Notes vs Agenda attached.

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This is really odd, we haven’t gotten any similar reports, are you sure you don’t have a specific accessibility setting enabled?

Turns out I did have a “per app” accessibility customisation for Agenda text sizing. I forgot I had used this to bump up text sizing way back before the app had text sizing controls built in.

Ah glad that this was the explanation, thanks for the follow up!