Outlook is locked inside my company with Authenticator

What I did:
Tried to sync
What happened:
No sync. Cried floods. Bought candy.
What I expected:
Be able to use Outlook with Agenda
Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
iPad and OsX

The same thing happened to me (although I bought rum instead of candy)! My company setup the Exchange Server account on my iPad which wouldn’t link with Agenda.

I added a duplicate exchange server account and Agenda was able to link to it. All of the features now work. What was odd was that Agenda saw all of the reminders from the Corporate Exchange Account, just not the meetings.

Good Luck

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Agenda just uses the events and reminders from Apple’s central calendar store. In theory, if you see things in Apple’s apps, they should be in Agenda too. If they aren’t something is likely going wrong in one of Apple’s apps.

Signing out of the exchange server, and back in again, may help. Don’t know.

Signing out and then back in didn’t help. What was odd was the Exchange list for reminders (todo, birthdays, holidays) showed, just not the Calendar. It has to be something with the way my company setup the Exchange Account.

We have indeed received reports that this is due to the way the account has been setup. One user has reported that as a workaround you can create a second, identical exchange account under the Internet Accounts setting in the Settings app. It’s not always possible to remove the one already installed, in which cas you would then see things twice in the system calendar. Whether that’s tolerable depends on whether you use Outlook as your main app, or alternatively you could hide the duplicate calendar in the calendar app.

For those experiencing similar issues, we were recently told that this might be related to MDM profiles installed by your workplace:

After another company upgrade I was unable to create a duplicate Exchange account and no longer could link my notes to meetings. After trying for a few days I was able to subscribe to my calendar (Settings, Calendar, Accounts) via OWA (Settings, Options, Calendar, Shared Calendar, Calendar Publishing) and copy and paste the ICS link.

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