Outdent with external Keyboard not working (iPad, German Keyboard)

What I did: edit bullet point list, indent with TAB key on external keyboard

What happened: try to outdent with Shift-TAB (like in most other Apps), not working instead the cursor jumps to title

What I expected: Shift-TAB should bring outdent one level

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

I am using iPad Pro 12.9" - 2018 - with external Folio Keyboard (German Layout, please note that CMD+[ or CMD+] will not work on German keyboard layout).

Yes, I’m afraid iOS doesn’t support a “backtab” command, which is what shift-tab is. We will try to introduce it ourselves. Thanks for the feedback.

It is possible to indent/outdent with the formatting bar above the keyboard, though obviously not as handy.


I have fixed this for the next release. It should work then.

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