Other sync solution than iCloud needed

Hi have exactly the same situation

+1 for alternative sync

Adding to the chorus, I LOVE the product, but IT decided our start up needed new internal security rules around iCloud access - I JUST updated to premium before our company put the kibosh on personal accounts on work machines.

I refuse to go back to notes, so hoping a new solution is in the near term future.

Also, is there a plan for browser support? I would love to get around this issue by accessing a browser interface - especially as I tend to cycle through machines pretty often.

Hopefully Dropbox is still allowed, that would be the alternative we hope to bring in the short term. A browser version is something we’d love to do some day but certainly not something you can expect in the short term I’m afraid, that’s a huge undertaking.

+1 for webdav sync

I’m such a guy from IT and work at an university. We host an internal NextCloud-system. Profs, staff and students use it. It provides almost every of the functions needed by them and became a good alternative with a big advantage: one can meet the people (us) who run and administer the system, the people who take care about availability, performance, security asf. They can ask questions and get answers: Where is the data stored? Who has access?.. They can claim us directly, blame us if needed, or just go for a beer with us if they like what we do.

Aside from the web interface, NextCloud (and lot of other products for hosting data) provides a WebDAV interface. Quite a lot of apps on the iPad, Android devices, Windows, Linux systems can sync data using WebDAV protocol. Our stats about the most used functions of our NextCloud-system show, WebDAV is a burner. Why shouldn’t Agenda join this list of grant apps supporting WebDAV-sync?



Hi Thomas,
It’s certainly an option we are considering. Note that if we were to support WebDAV, it would not be the case that our data automatically becomes usable as normal text files. We have a very custom sync format that is not human readable. So the WebDAV storage would just be moving data between devices without using iCloud.
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Hi Drew,

I just have this in mind, to use it as a storage only, to keep the contents of the Agenda app in sync on different devices. Another app (Joplin) does it the same way, providing an optional encryption option for the data on the “external” storage, in order to keep the contents away from the eyes of administrators.

It could solve another feature request I saw in the forum: Some would like to see a sharing function, cause they use different Apple accounts for work and private things. Usually you cannot use your AppleID to connect to a “private” cloud via WebDAV. Since you would habe to enter some credentials in Agenda to connect via WebDAV, it is possible to enter the same credentials in different devices with different AppleIDs. Voila. AppleIDs and WebDAV connection decoupled.

Furthermore, one would even have the possibility to share all data with a friend or collegue. (Although it would mean to share everything) I guess there are a number of people (research groups, working groups) who would like it.


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Thanks, yes, we are introducing Dropbox sync for many of these reasons (eg sharing with family, etc). WebDAV is certainly interesting to us, and hopefully we will get to it sooner or later.

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Would like to see support for Box or WebDAV for security reasons.


Integrate with Office365 specifically Outlook and I will become a premium subscriber.

+1 for Google Drive
For me, iCloud Drive is not responding and Apple can’t fix it - been working with them. So I can’t sync between any of my Apple devices. I know my issue is a bit different but I prefer Google Drive regardless. All my other files are sync’d there. Thx.

A quick update: We’re happy to let you know that the upcoming 5.3 update will introduce official support for syncing with Dropbox.

That’s great steps ahead!

Just to add also from my side. Syncing via iCloud or DropBox is still using those public services.
Is there a way to save the whole thing in a file which lies in an owncloud or other cloud folder and is just synced via any cloud service that could also be run privately? So that we’re not bound to one of these two services…

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That would indeed be an ultimate approach!
I would be happy already, if I can use a tool like Cryptomator https://cryptomator.org inside my Dropbox folder, to add an extra level of security to my data. Agenda should be able to address its file(s) inside these vault – not let it point to dropbox alone.

Please think very careful and intense about this possible data safety solution. It would make a big difference to secure personal data inside a cloud. Remember: “The cloud” is just someone else’s computer – and I don’t want someone else to read my data…


Keep in mind that our plan is to also add end-to-end encryption of any Agenda data stored in the cloud, this is currently not yet the case but would solve your concern.

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end-to-end encryption is great!
nevertheless, I agree with HR1 because I don’t want to use foreign clouds but rather my own one and hence my wish to be able to file-sync it - no matter which cloud it is.
But I don’t want to ask too much - Agenda is so great by now and within this short time, so I’d rather be careful. but if there was the chance to … ;-D


Thanks all. I was one of the original requester’s for this feature and this change alone makes Agenda my go to notetaking up going forward. So far dropbox functionality is working perfectly.

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Thank you for adding Dropbox support. Unfortunately, my employer blocks both iCloud and Dropbox. My only cloud storage solutions are Box and Google Drive. Are there plans to support either of those in the near(ish) future? Or, a private Agenda sync service (even at a price) would work for me.

Not in the immediate future, I’m afraid. There are so many of these services, we could literally just spend all our time supporting them, and never get to other features.

I think your best bet would be to try to get your employer to allow another service. I find allowing two of them, but not the others, pretty arbitrary.

maybe naive thought.
afaik, you’re storing all information into a file (not human readible). This file is written after each change.
I guess the only thing needed is to close the file after each change. Like this, ownCloud or any other cloud service/client would realise the change and triggers the sync of it. So it could be possible to just specify the location of that file and everybody would be able to use their own cloud.
Further advantage is that a user could just take this file and throw it into another computer with Agenda installed and have everything - without using Dropbox or iCloud…

In essence this is how sync kind of works, but as you say it’s very naive to think implementing sync is therefore trivial. To make sync work reliable, performant, and accurately is a whole different ball game I’m afraid. And then we’re not even talking about merge issues between devices, handling of attachments, poor network conditions, etc etc. Basically, if this all works correctly you notice exactly… nothing… if it doesn’t work correctly however, oh boy…