"Other projects" persists with nothing in it

What I did: Attempted to delete a category – it warned me that projects would be moved to “Other Projects.” So I deleted the projects first, then the category.

What happened: The “Other Projects” category appeared at the bottom of the categories list, with no projects.

What I expected: “Other projects” is invisible, because it has no projects. I have no use for “Other Projects” and would prefer it not take up space in my categories list.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda 9.0, macOS 10.14.6

:+1:t2: I wouldn’t mind if I could rename it. I have an “Inbox” category where I keep a Scratch project for one-off notes, and it’d be great if I could designate that as my “Other Projects” just in case the app feels the need to have one. :blush:

I’m wondering if it is there because the projects are now in the bin. I think if you empty the bin, Other Projects will probably go. Each note in the bin is still associated with a category, and that is probably why Other Projects is showing.

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This is correct, I’ll fix this, know why it is.

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