"Other Projects" category

I just noticed that when I delete a category with projects inside, it creates a “Other Projects” category and moves all the projects there. This is a bit weird, just because now I have to delete those projects. It’s 2 actions when we could just delete the category and it would delete everything.

As an alternative, maybe pressing “Alt/Option” could change this behavior by changing the menu itself, the one that pops up with the different options. Hope it makes sense. Pretty much like when we are trying to move a file in Finder with the same name as another one and as a default it says Skip, but then when we press Alt/Option it changes to Keep Both?

Indeed some way to do the two in one go would be nice, will think about it. Note that command and shift select does work in the sidebar, so you might want to select all projects first, delete them and then delete the empty category. Works probably better than having to delete the projects from the Other Projects category.