Other Backup Options

I have been using Agenda as my work note taking app and I LOVE it. However, I am afraid of losing my notes if something happens to my computer. The only backup options available now are iCloud and DropBox. However, neither of those services are allowed on my work computer. I am probably not allowed to do time machine on a personal external drive either. My company uses Amazon WorkDocs and I imagine that other companies have standardized on services like Microsoft OneDrive. I have seen other apps allow you to designate where on the file system the data are stored. This would allow WorkDocs and OneDrive users to put their data file in a location that is synchronized with the service that they use. This seems like the most flexible solution.

Unfortunately, the type of data that we have (database files) does not work well when put in a file sharing service. There is real risk of corruption, particularly if you change the data from two different devices.

Here is how to make a manual backup on macOS:

  1. Click on Finder, and choose Go > Go to Folder
  2. Enter ~/Library/Group Containers
  3. Find WRBK2Z2EG7.group.com.momenta.agenda.macos
  4. Select it and choose Edit > Copy
  5. Go to your backup location, select the folder, and choose Edit > Paste

Perhaps you could use that somehow.

I understand. Is it safe to do this while Agenda is running? I am thinking that I will add a script that does this daily.

Copying the Agenda files while the app is running is possible, but there is a small risk that the backup will have some data corruption. The Agenda library should be OK; that should not corrupt. So this type of backup is probably safe enough.