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I have been using Agenda as my work note taking app and I LOVE it. However, I am afraid of losing my notes if something happens to my computer. The only backup options available now are iCloud and DropBox. However, neither of those services are allowed on my work computer. I am probably not allowed to do time machine on a personal external drive either. My company uses Amazon WorkDocs and I imagine that other companies have standardized on services like Microsoft OneDrive. I have seen other apps allow you to designate where on the file system the data are stored. This would allow WorkDocs and OneDrive users to put their data file in a location that is synchronized with the service that they use. This seems like the most flexible solution.

Unfortunately, the type of data that we have (database files) does not work well when put in a file sharing service. There is real risk of corruption, particularly if you change the data from two different devices.

Here is how to make a manual backup on macOS:

  1. Click on Finder, and choose Go > Go to Folder
  2. Enter ~/Library/Group Containers
  3. Find WRBK2Z2EG7.group.com.momenta.agenda.macos
  4. Select it and choose Edit > Copy
  5. Go to your backup location, select the folder, and choose Edit > Paste

Perhaps you could use that somehow.

I understand. Is it safe to do this while Agenda is running? I am thinking that I will add a script that does this daily.

Copying the Agenda files while the app is running is possible, but there is a small risk that the backup will have some data corruption. The Agenda library should be OK; that should not corrupt. So this type of backup is probably safe enough.

To close the loop, would these be the correct steps to restore?
(1) quit Agenda
(2) move ~/Library/Group Containers/WRBK2Z2EG7.group.com.momenta.agenda.macos somewhere safe in case it contains any data of interest and the restore goes sideways
(3) copy the backup to ~/Library/Group Containers/WRBK2Z2EG7.group.com.momenta.agenda.macos
(4) start Agenda


Hi Adam,
Yes, that sounds right. Indeed, always move the old data aside so it is safe first.
Kind regards,

For the same reasons that sethgott mentioned I need a real backup option. Or even better a full export and import so that I can merge two agenda instances at the end. This shouldn’t be too complicated and ads a lot of value for many of us!

I’m afraid there is no such thing as just combining the files to merge things. The format is a complex database, not just the notes as text, so any attempt to merge will likely result in corruption.

A full export may make sense. What is your use case? If you do this on your own data, you will end up with duplicates of everything.

Hi Drew,
is it possible to make this file „more robust“ and foolproof in terms of data corruption or read-write errors? This would be a wonderful possibility to save this data to a NAS and let access all local Macs to this direction. Each device syncs the data and write changes back when the work is done. In fact this works already right now: After making changes, Agenda saves it in the cloud and keeps everything up to date. You only have to replace or add „Folder“ to „iCloud“ / „Dropbox“ in settings. :innocent:

That would „beat two birds with one stone“: You are safe to work with you data locally, without having to sync it in the cloud. You don’t have to worry about privacy policy if you are working with business-related data because everything is stored locally.

That’s the way 1password offer syncing: local sync against a file and wireless sync with iPhone against the mac app.
DEVONthink have the same approach: You can sync your Macs with a file on one computer

Edit: I wrote that note some weeks ago and found it by chance as a „work in progress“ Although it‘s a bit outdated, I wanted to share my thoughts on this topic.
Cheers, Holger

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Agenda does effectively manage a bunch of files in the cloud, but it is not something designed for people to mess with. It’s a complex database format that ensures that when you make changes on different devices, they merge properly, rather than losing one set of changes.

We have played with the idea of mirroring the data in a user editable form (eg text files in dropbox), but it has been put on the back burner for now. Bigger fish to fry I’m afraid.

Ok, thanks to let me know!