Options for Tags and People

Having embraced Agenda, and with more projects everyday, Tags and People have accumulated and are now unmanageable.

I don’t need them shared across projects! I need an option so I can set them per project. If I could reset Tags, I could eventually rethink them so they could work across, but People?!

So had to stop using what was a key feature attracting me to Agenda. Thanks for listening.


This is always a bit of a problem with any tagging system that they kind of start to fall apart when you start to have many tags. We realise this is compounded by the fact that Agenda doesn’t yet have tag autocompletion (which can lead to easily create duplicate or variant tags) and a good tag manager. Both are high up on our to-do list. I don’t think we will add the ability to limit tags to certain projects only, but instead once we introduce the tag manager I would suggest to merge tags down into a smaller and more manageable set.


That would be better.
And what about People?

Cheers — Pascal

Sorry if that wasn’t clear indeed, we would introduce both for people as well. Plus we would like to add integration with the contacts app in addition.


Hierarchic tags. Bear does this really nicely

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Contacts integration would be great - save so much time!!
Especially if it was possible to email the contact from Agenda with the note?
Cheers Mike