Optionally hide events with no event, but with a note

I’ve started using on OTA note for my 90 day goals. I’ve used the calendar to assign the start and end date to this 90 day period.

Now the note means dates with no events are showing up in my calendar! Would love to hide them.

Screenshot 2021-01-28 at 17.07.09

I see where you are coming from, but not sure making those 90-day period events is necessarily a good idea, as they can also easily create some performance bottlenecks (technical reasons). Have you considered to just make an event on the end-date of the period (or start date, which ever is more important)? You can then still list the full date range in the title of the note for example.

Hrm, I find those sorts of date ranges super useful, because you can filter on any date or date range and see what’s going on that day. I also haven’t experienced performance issues around it.

Sure, but then it also makes sense to show them in the calendar, that’s the balance one needs to decide on. Don’t think it makes sense to add an option to hide the notes from the calendar. It’s either/or I’m afraid.

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That makes sense. I was really experimenting with the dated notes feature here - my thinking was if Agenda offers a dating system, use it, rather than typing the date range in the title! But it’s not essential, and I’ll just date the title.

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