Optionally don't bring Agenda frontmost when accepting x-callback-url requests

I’m using Alfred with Agenda & append-to-note to jot text into notes as I work. When the callback is made Agenda jumps frontmost, grabs focus and I have to navigate back to wherever I was working, interrupting my thought process

So the request is, could this behaviour be made optional so I can just carry on working.



We’ll have a look if this is possible, not sure at this point.

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I don’t suppose there was any movement on this? I know the original poster was talking macOS, but I’d like this for iOS also. Maybe the answer is via native Shortcuts actions. Would love for this to be considered, though, for cases of adding new notes to be stored for refinement later or, as the OP said, appending to existing notes without calling the app to the foreground.



Indeed on iOS this likely requires native shortcuts actions


… Is that a thing? :grin::heart:

Yes, it’s on the roll, most important is that this requires us to be able to create iOS extensions, which we will deliver the first of when the sharing extension ships in the next major update.

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