Optional per category agenda

I suggest to allow users to mark a project as the Local Agenda. Then when something is put on the agenda, the app would look in the project folder first, then work its way up to the root until it finds an Agenda project.

That way I could have separate Agendas for my work and my private life, something I do like to enforce.

One option I guess is to just make two top level categories, “work” and “personal” for example, then make all the other categories subcategories of those. Wouldn’t that give you what you’re looking for?

Not quite, because “On the Agenda” still shows everything.

The only way I know of to see different agends is to command-click all of the projects you want, and filter by OTA flag. Pretty cumbersome.

Right, that’s true, in the future we plan to have more custom building of overviews, which would allow to create a “On the Agenda for Work” overview

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