Option to make Calendar panel selection ‘sticky'

Would love an option to stop the date shown in the calendar panel jumping to the date of the note I’m currently viewing.

Why? With the addition of Reminders (brilliant!), I’m trying to use Agenda as my primary ‘hub’ for planning work over the day, and much of my work is based on reading and writing Notes in Agenda.

So, I start off with the Calendar panel showing ‘Next 10 days’, which lets me see at a glance my appointments and tasks (ie Reminders) for today and upcoming 10 days.

Which is great, until I start working with a note that is dated for some other time - the past for old notes, the future for, say, an agenda of an upcoming meeting. As I work on this note, I refer to other notes (multiple windows please!) and the date, and the evetns and reminders, in the calendar pane jump around all other the place.

  1. This is really distracting
  2. Every time I need to refer to the calendar pane, to check next tasks etc, I have to re-select ‘Today’.

For the way I work, I only occassionaly want to know what else was/is/will be happening around the date of the note. I can easily do this, very unambiguously, by clicking the date in the Note’s title. This, for me, is the obvious place to find those details.

Being able to have the Calendar focused on today’s date, and showing the period selected (eg Next 10 days) would make Agenda much more useful for me.

Very much in favor of this request. Suits my usage pattern also. Maybe a user defined option in settings?

You can do exactly this since version 6, just click/tap the calendar icon at the top of the related panel, choose the date (range) you like to fix, and click/tap Filter. It should now stay fixed on your selection.

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Don’t understand why it’s called Filter though!

Because you filter the calendar down to a certain range.

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It seems like, when I filter the sidebar calendar to “today” and then click anywhere on the app, my selection does not “stick.”

  1. I’m not sure whether I’m doing something wrong or this is the way its supposed to work.
  2. Would it be possible to make this a preference in the apps settings? For instance, if I always just wanted to see “today,” then I could set that and it would default to filtering for today. Or if I always wanted to see this week, then I could set that and it would default to always filtering to see this week.

Just a thought. Thanks.

Oops. The answer is I was doing something wrong. I just figured it out. After making the selection, I was not clicking “filter” in the right lower corner. I think it works now.

I do still think it would be nice for this to be something the user could choose in preferences. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s it indeed, unless you click filter to “save” your choice, the filter is temporary.