Option to maintain note title in Agenda link

Current adding an Agenda link in a note shows the note title, unless you edit the link.

But if you subsequently change the title of the actual Note, the link doesn’t update.

I quite see that this is often desirable behaviour.

But I have a use case where it would be hugely useful to have the link title update if the note title changes:

I draft podcast episodes in Agenda, one episode per note. But over the editing process the title of the episode (which is also the title of the note) can change.

This means that a reference to the note elsewhere, like my weekly planner, can end up with links where the title isn’t accurate.

It would be great to be able to open the link editor dialogue and click a button “update link title” to reflect the actual title of the linked note.

If you don’t change the title of the link yourself, the link should already update automatically if you change the title of the note.