Option to create new note into default project

Being able to create a new note by default into a project (e.g. an “Inbox”) would be an easy way to create quick notes on the fly, and organize them later.

Speed to note ftw!


This is certainly in our roadmap. Stay tuned!

Is there an update on this?

It’s very frustrating to click multiple times on an action that I need to do so frequently every day.

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If you have an inbox project already, then selecting it first in the sidebar followed by cmd-N will directly create a new note in it.

Thanks. It does work if I am inside the inbox project.

But if I’m in a saved search or today or On My Agenda, it’s a real hassle (and also impossible to do using only the keyboard on the iPad).

When you you create a new document in Pages or Bear or Sublime Text or Microsoft Word or Apple Notes (from the widget or control center), it instantly creates a document for you to start writing - the location where you choose to put the note is always the final step.

Writing is often instantaneous - if I have a thought, I need to be able to put it down immediately.

Imagine if all of these above tools forced people to save a location before they could start writing.

Ah ok, that’s indeed a slightly different use case, as @drewmccormack mentions, we have some exciting things coming later this year that you’ll like for sure…


Thanks. Would love if I can somehow create a new note instantly when in On My Agenda/Todo/Search view, and not have to leave that view.

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