Option to "Copy with double return"

Copying text from Agenda into other apps often removes the visual split between paragraphs. I presume this is because in Agenda the return includes paragraph spacing, but in some other apps you need to enter two returns for the same visual effect.

I find myself frequently copying draft from Agenda in another app for publishing and then having to go through manually inserting an addional return at the end of each paragraph.

It would be great if, alongside “Copy as Markdown” etc, there was an option to “Copy with double return”, so it could be pasted into the problem apps without the need for further processing.

“Copy as Markdown” should insert an extra empty line for each paragraph, I believe. That is how Markdown works. If it is not doing that, it is probably a bug.

I just did a test, and in my little test, it did insert the extra empty line between paragraphs.

Standard Copy will not insert the extra line. You would have to use “Copy as Markdown”.

Thanks. Just tested that. But doesn’t meet my needs because it also adds Markdown related characters from links and text styling that I then need to edit out!

I don’t really think there is a simple answer here. For what you want, you will either have to edit the markdown, or add extra lines to the text. The format you are describing, ie normal text, but with double spaced paragraphs, doesn’t really exist as a standard format.

What Agenda outputs by default is standard text. Paste it into a word processor like Word or Pages, and you will see that the paragraphs are perfect.

Double spaced paragraphs are part of markdown, but not standard text formats.

We will take along the suggestion. I think if we were ever to do this, it would need to be part of adding a bunch of output options. I don’t think having yet another menu item just to export double lined text is a good idea. (It may be possible to come up with a shortcut that can do this. Not sure.)

Thanks. The place where this is a problem for me is pasting text I’ve drafted in Agenda into a ‘Create Post’ text box in LinkedIn. Perhaps a minority use case!

Weird. I’ve just “copied as mark down” from Agenda and pasted into Dropbox Paper and there are no spaces between paras. But maybe Paper isn’t actually using real md, just some of the md conventions.

Agenda will actually remove empty lines from pasted text for exactly this reason, so maybe Dropbox Paper does the same thing. Dropbox Paper is probably a true word processing environment, and they don’t have double spaced paragraphs.

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