Option to copy meeting description into new notes?

Is there some kind of option I can turn on to stop Agenda from taking the description or notes set in a meeting invite and using them as the starting point for my notes in Agenda?

I know this has been talked about previously in other topics such as Option to disable copying contents of appointment and supposedly this is fixed in Agenda 2.6. I’m on v4.1 and I’m still getting descriptions and notes copied from meeting invites into my notes. The first thing I do every time is a command-a and a delete to get rid of it all. I’d love to have an option to just not import these in.

If I need to see the notes from the invite, I can always refer back to the calendar invite itself. I don’t need them in my personal notes. Or if Agenda really wants to import them, can they be shown in a different section of the note or something that I can minimize and hide away and not have show up in search results, etc?

Thanks for the great app!

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First of all, are you referring to details from say a Skype meeting invite or similar type conferencing platform? If so it would greatly help if you could set us some example content that gets import so we can improve our filter to strip things out better.

If you really don’t want any import there’s currently no such option, we’ll consider adding a preference that would allow you to turn it off.

Thanks for the response. This is for all notes in the meeting request. Not just the skype info but anything someone else may have typed to describe the purpose of the meeting, etc. It’s basically free form text.