Option to change orange color of On the Agenda?

Would like to have the option to change colors of bullets. Orange is doesn’t work for me.

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Do you mean the “On the Agenda” button (orange dot) at the top of the notes?

You can change that if you change the accent color. On macOS, you can choose an accent color for the whole OS, and that will be used. On iOS, you can choose the accent color in the app settings inside the app (right panel, bottom-left button)

This does not work in OS 10.14.4 - My “accent color” is set to Blue and Agenda is still Orange all over. Would be better for it to be in the App itself.

Correction - It does work if I change from the default Blue, but Orange != Blue so I have no ability to use Blue in Agenda.

For those who really prefer a blue accent color over the default Agenda orange there is a hidden preference, see here:

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Thank You so much for this! It really helps with the consistent view between applications.

Sadly, the poor UI color scheme will be a deal breaker for me in the long term. Hardly legible grey category names, faint colors for projects and the orange scheme (even blue with the hack) simply do not work well for those in their latter years. We need high contrast to not struggle to see what we are reading. Twelve months on Premium with no change will mean I drop the app - if not earlier.

Aren’t you able to use the high contrast accessibility settings built into the operating system? They are designed for this sort of problem.

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Thank you that seems to have improved the situation. Otherwise I am enjoying the App and looking forward to more improvements, eg. Templates and maybe Family Sharing.

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What sort of family sharing would you like exactly? Do you want to share your notes with the whole family? (You could use the Dropbox sync for that now.)

Hi Drew - thanks for coming back, Basically my wife and daughter want to know more about how I handle family and business affairs, eg. What do we have, what needs work (regularly or just needs fixing), when to expect and pay bills, etc, etc. In business this is generally called succession planning - unfortunately for many families it is done while around a person’s hospital bed. So, whereas I am happy to buy individual licenses for family members I would like to dynamically make available Projects (all notes or some notes) on the other persons copy of Agenda. They would also be able to do the same. In addition, READ ONLY or READ/WRITE privileges option would be desirable.
In business this would happen on a collaborative Project.
My reading of Agenda options at the moment is I can send a static version of where things are but as soon as I change it (there are daily changes to many things) then new versions would need to be passed. I am not too sure if an Agenda link would solve the above.
Thanks for your interest - still exploring further and building projects and notes.

Yes, at the moment, you could share your whole library of notes with everyone, provided you all shared a Dropbox account (could be made especially for purpose).

But it sounds like you want collaborative features. We have ideas about this. It’s a big project. Stay tuned!