Option for the creation of a new category adding a note of the same name

Currently one can opt in to have an untitled note automatically added to a newly created category which is great.

However, instead of having “Untitled” (which of course I’d expect never wanting to keep), it would be more convenient for me if the category name could be re-used, as I sometimes to reuse the category name, in whole or in part, in the note name, esp. when it is important to be a top-level category but not complicated enough to have lots of subnotes (and even if does have subnotes, I sometimes like just having numbering added for the new notes (as you nicely do for us in certain circumstances)).

Not sure there are many people who would want to use the category name. I think you might be unique in that.

Something that may help: if you set a date, it will get that date. You can set the note to always take today’s date.

Something else that may help: you can create templates which you create new notes from. You can set any title you like in the template, so you could have some standard ones. Eg. Note 1, Note 2 etc.

Hope that helps!
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I’m guessing it might be a hassle to allow templates to support variables such as parent project or category name or date and then be able to set a template to act as the default which can use those?

This is indeed a direction we have been thinking of, can’t promise anything at this point but noted. Btw. One thing to keep in mind is that if you create many notes with the same title, it will make it work less well with something like the Open Quickly feature or search as you quickly end up with many search results that can be hard to distinguish.