Optimize input - automatically switch 、 to \ For Chinese input

Currently, I was surprised to find that Agenda is optimized for Chinese input. For example, typing 【【 will automatically change to [[ Really thanks to the developer
截屏2022-10-20 09.37.22

However, what troubles me at the moment is that in Chinese, typing \ is still troublesome.
In the Chinese keyboard, \ corresponds to , and developers are expected to optimize this, allowing Chinese users to automatically convert to \ when typing .

As shown in the figure, when I click on the keyboard position where \ is located, the Chinese output is

We have created another alias specifically for Chinese users, instead of typing \ you can also type two backtick characters (so basically two times the \ key, resulting in ``), that should trigger the action menu as well. Let me know if that works for you. I believe the same is true for the Chinese (middle) dot character: ··

yes it works
I don’t know how to express my gratitude to you. There aren’t many products I’m willing to pay for, but Agenda has been paying for it for 2 years. The vast majority of foreign software does not consider Chinese usage habits. Thank you very much for your careful and thoughtful service.

Great to hear it works and thank you for the kind words! Enjoy Agenda!