Opening URLs in iOS

Going through the sample projects in iOS, I noticed some link which I attempted to open.

The links did not open, instead I was able to edit the text of the link

I expected to be able to select the link and open the URL in Safari so I could browse the linked content. The same links open fine in the macOS version, it’s just in iOS where there is a problem.

This is on the latest build of the iOS app installed today for the first time.


I have the same problem. Anybody else?

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Same here.
Happens with all types of URLs, e.g. also X-Callback-URLs or other types of elswhere working URLs into other apps.
Link inserted on macOS-version, synced over to iOS: formatting stays (text in blue), link gone.
Suprised that this bug went unnoticed.

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Yes, same problem for me


Long click it, and you will be asked what you want to do whit it :wink: Open, share etc

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Mine is working on iOS, but when I tried to navigate to a link within Agenda it opened in my browser & asked me to log in even tho’ I had the app already open. Not a major problem - I just need to keep a copy of my password somewhere I can copy/paste it from :blush:

Ok thanks. Overlooked that.

Have now created a workflow so I can easily access files on my iPad that are linked in Agenda to a file in my Dropbox folder on my Mac

On my Mac, drag a file from my Dropbox folder to creat a local url to the file in Agenda
On my iPad long click (!) the file link and copy it
Run the workflow that takes the clipboard content and parses it to work in Dropbox by removing the first part of the url and replacing any ‘%20’ with spaces, sends this to Dropbox to retrieve the file, prompts an ‘open in’ dialog to allow me to choose which app to open the file in

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Holy smokes, I totally overlooked that, too. Works like a charm. Thx a million for that hint!


Your welcome :+1:t3:

Hi there, hope someone can help. I see there’s been nothing new on this thread since June, so maybe there’s another thread I’ve overlooked?

On my phone (latest version of iOS 11), links to Agenda notes are unusable from the calendar event in BusyCal. This feature works like a charm on my laptop (also with BusyCal as my default calendar) and is my favorite feature. Not being able to pull up the note from my calendar on my phone when I am out somewhere, seems like it defeats the whole point of having calendar integration.

I have been having this issue since iOS version came out, but been too busy to actually deal with it until today. Have I missed something important? Are there some iOS settings that need adjustment to get the note links to work? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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The issue is that BusyCal doesn’t support tappable links in the notes section of events apparently, best is to file a feature request with them to ask to add this support, just like the built-in Calendar app does.

Okay, thanks for explaining. I will ask BusyCal about adding this feature.

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