Opening notes in new window


love the feature so I can open notes in separate windows, I have 2 question
1: is there a keyboard shortcut that opens the note I am working in into a separete window
2: I use Quicklinks and thus use the “copy as agenda link” and insert that link into Quicklinks for quick access - is there a way I can call that not and make it open in new window ?


I think you want File > Open in Separate Window, which has CMD-O as the shortcut.

I don’t think there is a way to have the link open in a separate window automatically, but with the shortcut, it is probably very quick to split off a new window.

Hope that helps!


Doh, thanks for pointing me to that. still it would be awesoem to be able to generate links (or do a setting when an external leink is called) that opens the note in a separate window

I’ve also been looking for a quick and easy way to open a note in a new window! Never occurred to me to use one of the earliest Mac commands, perhaps even an Apple II command! I kept expecting to be able to control-click or similar!

But hang on!

I’ve just tried to open a note from the calendar pane in a separate window - and discovered that Opt-Click does that - which is brilliant. Any chance of a two finger tap also triggering this? From muscle-memory I think opt-click and two finger tap usually do the same function in most apps?

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We’ll consider it. Thanks for the feedback!

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In the next update we have added the option to add a parameter to an x-url-callback that defines to open a note in a new window

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Happened to run across this post. FYI, opt-shift-cmd-O (stay on top of selected note will also open a new window!

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