Opening multiple notes side by side or as pop out windows

I am wondering if it is somehow possible to open multiple agenda notes side by side. Use case example: I took some meeting notes for a project that is coming up. Now, I am planning out the initial phase of that project. I would like to be able to have the note from my past meeting and my planning note side by side to be able to work on the planning note simultaneously, without the need to switch back and forth or scroll for long.

Can notes be popped out to work on them individually? Alternatively, is it possible to open multiple instances of Agenda as a workaround?

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You’ll be happy to hear that this functionality will come in the next update of Agenda, version 17, which we plan to go in beta soon.


Hi there,

I am a Premium user - is it possible to join the Mac OS beta?



The Agenda 17 isn’t out yet, but anyone who downloads the web site version of Agenda (not Mac App Store) can join the beta by going into the Settings of Agenda and choosing the beta update option there.

Note that you can always swap the web site download of Agenda for the Mac App Store one. They work the same in most ways.

Looking forward to Agenda 17. Since multiple windows are planned for, it would be really helpful if any of the notes in the right sidebar/timeline area could be opened in a new window with a command + click.

Thanks a lot again for continuing to improve Agenda :slight_smile:

Option/Alt-click :smiley: