Opening events in third-party calendar apps

i got A question: i update today from Mac App Store, but when i try to open event in Fantastical, Agenda still open event in iCal. is there any additional set up i should do to make it work? thx for your time.

I had the same problem but it is now working. Although this is not intuitive - go to Calendar and change the default app under Preferences, General, Default calendar app to Fantastical.

Thanks to the Agenda team for implementing BusyCal and Fantastical support in the latest release, 1.3! :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

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thx for your help! :grinning:

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Thanks for the Fantastical integration, guys! Much appreciated!

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Indeed as @michael.hanson was mentioning, you do need to tell the system that you want Fantastical to be your default calendar app (by going into the Calendar app preferences) as Agenda follows the system default.


What exactly does opening events in third-party apps mean? I set fantastical as default but when I click the calendar button it still only shows me events in iCal. Am I understanding it wrong?

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same question here… Fantastical is default but app crashes if I hit save:

When you have set fantastical as the default and click an event it should say:


Note: this only works with Fanastical2, not the 1.x version.

The app certainly should not crash if you have no calendars available, we’ll fix that and instead warn you. Having said that, in order for Agenda to see your calendars and events you’ll need to set them up in the System preferences under accounts. For example, Fantastical talks directly to iCloud and Google, but Agenda needs to do this through the system. Once you have set the accounts up in the system preferences (you can verify that the calendars should now also show in the system Calendar app), you should see them in Agenda as well. If you then make or change an event, the system will pus them to iCloud and Fantastical in turn will sync as well with iCloud and show the changes.

thats not a real good solution… please add a real fantastical2 support.
AirMail and other Apps support it also on Mac…

I don’t want to sync over iCal - I don’t need every calendar twice on my Mac…

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@mekentosj THX!

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It appears new calendars in iCloud created in Fantastical 2 aren’t synced in Agenda until you leave Agenda and reenter.

Fantastical Version 2.4.5 (526.157.bd3ffa97b6)
Agenda Version 1.3 (Apple Store)

To reproduce:

  1. Create a new note in Agenda
  2. Create a new calendar in Fantastical 2
  3. Go back to Agenda and assign a date to the new note
  4. The new calendar from Fantastical 2 isn’t displayed as a choice
  5. Exit Agenda and go back into it
  6. Now the new calendar appears

I haven’t tried this with Apple Calendar.

It appears new calendars in iCloud created in Fantastical 2 aren’t synced in Agenda until you leave Agenda and reenter.

Thanks for the detailed steps, we’ll have a look if this can be improved.

Can you show more context in this screenshot, I don’t see where you see that. If I click the calendar icon in an event, it only asks me to link an event, I don’t see the ‘Show Event in Calendar…’. Thanks.

This crash has been fixed in the 1.4 update.

For work I’m using Microsoft Outlook on a Mac and would like to access my outlook events from Agenda.

This works. If you need some help to set it up, let us know.

Yes if you could provide some hints that would be great. As a note, my out Outlook sync with Microsoft Exchange not Office365.

Setup your Microsoft Exchange account in System Preferences > Internet accounts as shown below.

You may need to create an app password for your Exchange account if you have multi-factor authentication enabled.

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