Opening Agenda on Mac does not open “On the Agenda” if left bar sidebar is hidden

What I did:

  1. Go to On the Agenda View.
  2. Hide left Sidebar.
  3. Quit Agenda.
  4. Open Agenda.
  5. It does not open On the Agenda view. (besides that, also my window size, positions are not saved).

What happened:
Opens Agenda app with a blank page which says “No notes for current selection”.

What I expected:
Expect On the Agenda view to open by default. It only opens when left bar is open (which I never keep open).
My window size, height, width, position should be saved.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Latest non-beta Mac version.

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I find (in 5.5(78)) that if I select any project in the sidebar that has notes, and follow @Dharam’s procedure, the same “no notes for current selection” display appears when Agenda is opened in step #4.

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This is indeed a known issue that has been there for a while already, we’ll try to get to it in one of the next updates.

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