Opening Agenda links from other apps

I’m using a CRM called (web and iOS) as well as Agenda.

When I paste a link to an Agenda note into Cloze, the link is not recognised. I can’t click it.

I realise this is a Cloze issue, not an Agenda issue, but I assume there must be some iOS and MacOS stuff that supports this functionality. What should I be asking Cloze support in order to get this on there feature request list?

Also is there any work around that could open these links? I’ve tried right-clicking without success.


The issue is probably that Cloze doesn’t see our URL (eg agenda://note/123) as a link. You could ask them if they would support “custom URL schemes” so that you can deep link into apps.

Sometimes an app will not auto recognize the URL, but does support inserting links explicitly. If they have this, you could click the “Add Link” button they have, and then maybe the agenda link could work.

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