‘Open Notes’ in Overview

It would be really useful to have an additional item in the Overview section of the left hand panel: ‘Open Notes’. We already have a view of notes that are One the Agenda, and of notes that are date Today. These give us a quick way to get a list of notes we’ve deemed important in some way.

‘Open Notes’ would show, all notes that are not marked as Done. I often find myself wanting to get an overview of notes that need action or attention, and having to go through project by project is unwieldy. I know I could use tags, but it’s another mental overload when the Done check box is already there in the title of each note.

Be good to have option to show/hide some in Overview. Users have their own preferences. I never need On the Agenda or Today views - would like option to hide those to tidy up otherwise crowded section. Overview for me is only for saved searches.

We feel that at this point the kind of overviews you suggest are no longer something we’d want to enforce everybody to have. We hope instead to offer more building blocks to create these kind of overviews yourself.


That sounds great! It’s what I try to do now as well.