Open note in new window without first opening it in the current window

I really enjoy the new Open In Window feature, thank you for making it. But in a very practical sense, I find I only use it about half as often as I’d like to. Reason being, I rarely want to change the main window away from the note/project I’m already looking at. I almost always want to open a different project in the new window, while keeping the existing project & note open in the main window.

This sounds a little nitpicky, and I know I can scroll to the second project and do the following to get the result I wanted:

  1. Click the second project’s menu (and thus immediately switching the main window away from the note and project I was already working on) and choose Open in Separate Window.
  2. Move the new window aside so it’s not overtop the main window.
  3. Click the main window to bring it to the foreground again.
  4. Click the Back button on the main window (thus returning to the project and note I was originally on).
  5. Click the new window again to bring it to the foreground.

However, this is 5 steps, and sad as it might sound, the reality is I can too easily get distracted by other people or things interrupting me as I go through those 5 steps. Plus, it just plain takes more time and brainpower, and I find the return I’ll get on that 5-step investment has to reach an unfortunate threshold in my mind in order to go to the trouble, thus making the tool get in the way of my note taking… a problem which Agenda is normally wonderful at avoiding.

Whether as an option key modifier or application preference or some other creative means, it would be very helpful to make the above a single step of:

  1. Click the second project’s menu (and doing so does not switch the project and note displayed in the main window) and choose Open in Separate Window.

Would you consider adding an option or modifier key to provide this functionality? I would really appreciate this on bothmacOS and iPadOS, as I experience the same frustration on both platforms.

Thank you!

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Thanks for the feedback, it indeed would make sense to prevent the automatic switching to the project when invoking the menu. Unfortunately it’s technically a bit less trivial, but we’ll try to make it work in a future update.

Having said that, note that there are some other tricks to make your life easier, for instance if you use quickly open or the click the category name at the top of the current project (to show a similar outline as the sidebar, you can even type to filter it down), you can open any of these items (like a project or note you want to open in a separate window) by clicking it while holding the alt/option key. This will ensure it will keep the main window where it is.

In fact this already works even win the sidebar, just alt/option click the project to open it in a new window, no need to even open the menu.

And on iPadOS you can simply tap and hold a project in the sidebar until it starts to float, then drag it into a new space on the side of the screen.

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