Open many windows on macOS version

I do a lot of copy and paste from a note to another project’s note.
It’s a pain to navigate to the destination project’s note and then back to the source note even with recently edited note list.
It would be very helpful to be able to open several windows (on macOS version).
Thanks, Pascal.

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Yes, we plan to add support for multiple windows in a future update. Thank you for the feedback!

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Would you consider tabs as well? OmniFocus is a good example of an app that supports tabs and windows. Tabs let me have mutually exclusive views to scroll through, and windows let me have multiple views I can see side-by-side. I would find that really useful in Agenda as well.

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Don’t think it will be likely at this point, but we’ll take your comments along.

Would you consider tabs as well?

I recently switched to TaskPaper (because the search allows me to narrow down within a note, not just "there’s a match somewhere in this note) and one additional benefit is that I can have multiple tabs (not just windows). Tabs help to keep multiple views on my notes while avoiding a proliferation of windows. I want to love Agenda (and I’ve paid for it already) so I’m watching closely for the improvements, just not using it day-to-day yet.